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As a professional muralist, Tim prides himself on the ability to produce exactly what his clients expect of him. Be the project large or small, residential or commercial, it will be done with professionalism and it will reflect his client's wishes. 

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Any surface can be transformed using a marbling technique. Walls, tile, counters, and more can achieve the look of marble, quartz, granite, etc. 



It is not uncommon for clients to request a piece of work on canvas or other portable material. Canvas is a great alternative to a mural as it ranges in size and provides for the movement of the artwork. 



Decorative finishes are often the option chosen when clients desire to change the look of an entire space. Decorative finishes make a space more appealing by incorporating textures, tones, and patinas. 


Trompe l'oeil

Trompe l'oeil is Tim's specialty and is a visual illusion that allows Tim to transform any surface into a three dimensional treasure. 


Bas Relief

If paint isn't exactly the look that you're seeking, Bas Relief offers a different approach. It is actually a sculpture created from plaster. For example: a 3-D design such as grapes on a vine. 


Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster creates the most authentic veneer wall finish you can have. It is a mix of plaster with marble dust that creates an elegant finish. Similar techniques date back to Roman times. Pictured to the right is Venetian Plaster with a Modello overlay. 



With his versatile style and vast experience, Tim can deliver anything your mind can conceive. Pictured to the left, he created the fountain in the middle as well as the hanging wall pieces. 

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